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In 2023, there will be a new team called Extended Team

Team extension is a way to enlarge your tech team by hiring remote software developers. These developers follow the same best practices as in-house developers, but are located out of your office. This is perfect for businesses that don’t have the time or resources to hire in-house employees, but still need help with their tech needs.


If you need to do something quickly but don't have enough people, you can use "Extended Team" to get help. Alternatively, if you're working on a longer project and want to add more people, you can use remote developers.


Benefits of Team Extension

The team extension model isn’t a new approach in the software development outsourcing world, and it has a great variety of benefits. Check some of the major ones below.

  • Extending a team with remote developers is more cost-effective than hiring them in-house. This benefit is especially relevant for projects on a budget or those with no tech talent recruitment experience. 
  • You can hire tech talent with a highly-specific skill set. For example, if you need machine learning engineers to create an algorithm that will power your solution, you can hire them as extended team members while the front- and backend will be developed in-house. 
  • Team extension helps you keep your project running. Extending your team with remote developers makes sense to cope with increasing traffic loads or repetitive and time-consuming tasks. 
  • You can scale your extended team on demand. The scope of the team’s work can change over time depending on the stage of the project. Team extension is designed to be flexible and allows your team to scale up and down on demand. This way, you can adjust the size of the team according to your project plans and bring in resources part-time when needed.