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Empowering Women in Tech: Remote Tech & UP School Collaboration

We've Partnered with UP School to Empower Women in Tech!

At Remote Tech, our unwavering commitment is to catalyze positive change within the tech industry by cultivating a culture of inclusivity and equal opportunity.

We are dedicated to amplifying the value of the tech sector by offering enriched and diverse opportunities for talent and overcoming barriers related to gender, ethnicity, and geographical location.

That's why we not only serve as a hub for talent to discover remote working opportunities but also function as a community where developers can expand their horizons, access educational resources, and advance their careers according to their aspirations.

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With these principles in mind, we proudly collaborate with UP School to assist its graduates in connecting with the careers they envision. Let's draw inspiration from UP School's approach to empowering female tech talent. Later, we'll delve deeper into the Remote Tech ecosystem.


The Tech Industry Needs More Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

Technology stands as one of the most dynamic and influential sectors globally, offering boundless opportunities for innovation, creativity, and impact. Nevertheless, it continues to fall short of the desired levels of equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI).

Equality, diversity, and inclusion are not merely ethical and moral imperatives; they also function as strategic and competitive advantages for organizations. These values contribute to heightened creativity, innovation, problem-solving, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement.

Moreover, they play a pivotal role in the acquisition and retention of talent, a critical factor in the tech industry, which contends with a skills shortage and high turnover rates.

Despite the potential advantages associated with these values, the tech industry has yet to realize them fully. Research indicates a concerning decline in the ratio of women to men in tech roles over the past 35 years, with half of women exiting the tech sector by the age of 35.

The World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Report predicts a daunting 135.6 years to close the gender gap. Additionally, only 26% of jobs in computer-related sectors are held by women, and a mere 27.1% of tech managers and leaders are female.

Women aren't the sole underrepresented group in tech; Black, Latinx, and Indigenous people also encounter barriers to career advancement, including discrimination, bias, and a lack of mentorship and sponsorship.

To unlock the full potential of technology, urgent and concrete steps are needed to create a culture of inclusion, where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute and collaborate.

The tech industry possesses the potential and the responsibility to lead in EDI. Embracing these values as a business imperative will not only enable us to benefit from diverse perspectives and experiences within the workforce but also create a positive impact on society and the world.


UP School: An Edtech Startup Empowering Female Tech Talent

UP School is an ed-tech startup that exists to close both the gender gap and the talent gap in tech. 
Through live online training, the program aims to upskill young women and facilitate their entry into tech positions. UP School believes in the untapped potential of every woman in the tech field, regardless of her background, education, or experience.

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Offering 14 certified programs in diverse fields such as web and mobile development, data science, and digital marketing, UP School tailors each program to impart high-demand skills and knowledge essential in the market.

The startup supports its students through career coaching, mentoring, and networking opportunities, boasting a 90% program completion rate and a 70% employment rate for its graduates.

Aligned with UP School's mission to empower women in tech and foster a more diverse and inclusive tech ecosystem, we are excited to provide remote work opportunities for UP School graduates. These individuals possess the sought-after skills and knowledge demanded in the market.


“We aim to increase female employment in the technology sector and assist our graduates in starting their dream careers. We are pleased to announce a partnership with Remote Tech to provide our graduates with both international and domestic remote job opportunities."  - Mina Ilkoz Demirtas - Co-founder, UP School

"At Remote Tech, we believe in a tech world where diversity drives innovation. Our partnership with UP School amplifies this belief, focusing on empowering women to excel in tech. This collaboration is a cornerstone of our mission, offering more than just remote opportunities—it's about building an inclusive future where every woman in tech can achieve her potential." - Ugur Gokdere - Managing Director, Remote Tech


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We are proud to bring value to both sides of the tech industry. Remote Tech platform presents a multitude of benefits for both developers and companies alike. 

Our platform facilitates developers in gaining access to a diverse array of exciting projects from innovative companies, while simultaneously assisting companies in tapping into a pre-vetted pool of highly qualified developers.

Remote Tech was established by a group of individuals aiming to revolutionize the process of searching and hiring for tech jobs. Our mission is to empower talent, stimulate economies, and bridge skill gaps. We firmly believe that remote work represents the future of employment, and we are here to assist you in joining this paradigm shift.

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